Vibration Issues

My shapeoko 3 xxl vibrates when moving along the x axis during homing. The switches and drag chain don’t seem to be in the way. I believe it has to do with the belt. Can someone help me resolve this issue?

It’s like the belts teeth don’t sit right on the pulley system. And when I manually move the x/z assembly freely the vibration kicks in and clearly doesn’t seem right.

Can you post a video?

Pic of this?,_FL

Can you see this videos I am sending?,_FL

Can you see the videos I am sending? @neilferreri

Yup. It’s hard to tell in the manual movement one? Does the same thing happen if you move slower?
In the homing video, it looks good until your Y axis hits its physical limit without stopping. The issue there would be your Y limit switch.
Does the Y axis switch get pressed? Check your wiring there.


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