Vs XCarve from Inventables


What are the differences and why would you go over to a C3D Shapeoko over an Inventables XCarve?

For me it was the sturdiness and the awesome support + community.

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We have an official page on this here which sums things up pretty well: http://carbide3d.com/vs/shapeoko-vs-xcarve/

(but doesn’t specifically mention the wonderful community as noted by @Julien)

If you have some specific question — please let us know, or drop a line in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll gladly try to help.

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The extruded aluminum rails of the Shapeoko 3 models are unbeatable for stiffness vs. cost. Customer service from Carbide 3D is excellent. Great helpful community here to learn from (though to be fair I think that is true at Inventables as well).

Also take a look at @wmoy’s video on the subject:


This is a slightly more dramatic example… https://youtu.be/eL7PqEpA0Qw?t=9m52s


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