Walnut 12x12 Domino set

Just wanted to show another project that I worked on for Christmas, this was a walnut domino set that I made for my inlaws. I did the milling work and the wife did the painting. Using the oramask film was a huge help with this project. I was very pleased with how they turned out.


Looks good! All those dots show my ignorance for the game of dominoes.

Next time fill those dents with some colored epoxy. I’ve cut places for marbles with a round-nose bit. I can’t tell the size of those dots, but I’d bet a 1/4" round-nose bit would make a good reservoir for epoxy paint to fill.

PS. I’d bet that will be a one-off job, though! :smiley:

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Surprisingly i was able to work out the g-code that the entire milling operation for all 91 dominoes only took about 45 min…my wife had the lions share of painting them, but it still only took her about an hour. Having a mask taped down really helped. I had a feeling when I first started the project that some other family members were going to want a set as well, so i preemptively made things easier on myself, ha. :slight_smile:

I wanted to use epoxy to fill the 1/8" holes but the epoxy i had on hand was a little to fast setting for the amount of work so we settled on some acrylic paint.