WANTED: Nomad 3 owner/user in the Seattle / Everett area 3

We are a small knife design / manufacture company in Freeland, Washington State (Whidbey island). I have some precision engraving to do, but no experience with a CNC mill.
Anyone nearby with a Nomad 3 who is interested in helping me get started? On your schedule, compensated for your time, of course. My goals:

  • learn if the Nomad 3 will do what we need to do before we purchase it. I will be engraving 0.005" deep on hard (HRC60), flat surfaces - small font (0.040 inch / 1mm) and line logo.
  • learn how to set it up to get the work done.
  • learn exactly what tools and accessories we need to purchase, along with the machine itself.
  • learn what I don’t know enough to ask about!

I have experience on a mill and a lathe, but no CNC experience. I think one set up and run will answer my questions and get me started. I can provide the blade steel and carbide cutting tool(s), if that helps.

Kind regards,
Dan Vorhis
EDIT: e-mail and phone # elided — please contact this person using a PM


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