Wanting to cut out words and shapes

Hi im new to all of this still and i bought the machine to cut out words and shapes to make signs. what do i need to do that. Bit wise i guess. i have the xxl with dewalt.

For that purpose, you need Vectric’s Vcarve software (Desktop version goes up to 25" x 25" space). No question. Really good at manipulating text.

Here is a tutorial on words in Carbide Create:


For shapes see:


depends on how big you go.

my go to bits are

1/4" (#201) – big area / large letters
1/8" (#102) – medium sized details
2mm bit – finer details / small fonts
60degree V (#302) – for cutting text into stuff rather than having it stand up

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I have VCarve Pro and I like it a lot but IMO, for cutting words and shape, @Misty can use Carbide Create to get going but may want to also do some of the design in Inkscape, then import the SVG to create toolpaths in Carbide Create and have no problem but there will come a time when you will need to get fancier projects or an integrated tool and VCarve will be your best option.