Warning: Bad gcode after Vectric Vcarve 10.5 Update

Did a fairly simple design for a birthday present. Went to cut it and GRBL barfed on the gcode. Tried both Shapeoko and GRBL back-ends. Same problem. …and of course Vectric doesn’t have backward compatible files so I had to cut and paste into 10 which generated valid gcode.

Reported it.

I’m staying away from 10.5 for a while.

Curious. What was the issue?

An error was detected while sending 'G1Z-0.0625:(error:22 Feed rate has not yet been set or is undefined. Streaming has been paused.

There has been some discussion on their forums about that. It may be fixed already.

Can you look at your post processor too see if they removed the F? Or zip and attach the pp file here.
That would be bizarre, but I think that is handled by the post processor.

Now Sir this is interesting as tonight my Gcode form Vcarve 10.5 all of a sudden was trying to send a flood code!!

A)never done this ever before

B) i didn’t realise Vcarve even had a flood code generation as there is nowhere to set flood against end mills. Shame on me i didn’t think about the upgrade will try this on my other machine vanilla V10

Interesting Mr Bond - and i was using the new Chamfer toolpath.


Edit - @johnelle - just remoted onto my shapeoko machine and there is a patch V10.503 - release notes


Fixed issue with start being added twice in the Pocketing Toolpath

Fixed crash during Chamfer Toolpath calculation

Fix default tool selection for Thread Milling and Laser Engraving strategies.

If an error occurs during post-processing, don’t output anything to the file.

Add back CNCShark and CNCPiranha post-processors as aliases for the new Next_Wave_CNC

try this in the morning

Night Folks

Well since 10.5 isn’t that exciting I’m going to give it at least a month to get the obvious bugs out.

Go to you post processor directory for 10.0 and copy the GRBL .pp file from 10.0 to the 10.5 post processor directory, it will now work.


That’s what I was thinking. So, who changed the grbl post and why?
Can one of you with 10.5 share the pp file?

Also, is there any reason to upgrade from 9.5 to 10? I don’t use V-carve much, but I really want to give it some time.

I just had an issue with 10.5 trying to do ramps on profile cuts and I show it here Shapeoko can't do ramp on curve?. Going to post it on the Vectric site now.

Here’s what 10.5 has in its default posts directory for the Shapeoko, it basically points to the GRBL_xxx posts, I can’t tell whether this was already like that in v10, which I uninstalled after installng v10.5 ( :man_facepalming:)

PostP.zip (4.4 KB)

What I do know is that the v10.5 install properly carried over the post that I actually use all the time, and that’s yours (https://github.com/neilferreri/V-Carve-PPs/tree/master/GRBL%20Toolchange for others who might be interested). I thought the Vectric guys had come to recommend your post for BitSetter related questions, so I assumed they would merge your post in v10.5, but apparently they didn’t.


Seems your question was missed, Neil. Version 10.5 seems to have made a few things easier to do, but not really monumental changes. Look at their list:

Version 10.5 has some impressive enhancements to existing features, as well as some exciting brand-new features including;

  • Drag Snipping - You can interactively snip overlapping vectors simply by dragging your mouse along the intersections you want to remove! Meaning you no longer have to click on each individual span, making the process much quicker.

  • Improved Polyline Tool - We have improved the way in which the ‘draw polyline’ tool works, where you now have the added option to draw in bezier spans interactively, enabling you to create smooth and straight lines from within the same tool and dynamically adjust the curvature of your smooth curves.

  • Dynamic setting of rectangle corner radii in the 2D view - When you’re in the rectangle form you can dynamically adjust the radii by dragging the corners inside or outside of the shape.

  • Improved sharp corner offsetting - We’ve made improvements to the way that we handle sharp corners when we offset vectors to give results which are more visually pleasing.

  • Improved Level Clipping workflow - It is now much easier to adjust your clipping boundary and change how your model is clipped, where we have added 3 options allowing you to “Apply”, “Update” and “Remove” a clipping effect making it much easier to make changes.

  • Two-sided Machining: Copy to the other side in 3D View - When working with 3D items in a double-sided job you can now copy and move components to the other side

  • Thread Milling toolpath – This brand new toolpath allows you to machine internal and external threads for standard and custom sized bolts in a variety of materials.

  • Chamfer Toolpath - Is a new toolpath that enables you to easily produce chamfers using v-bits or ball nose tools to create decorative edges. It is also great for creating counter-sunk holes.

  • Multi-Tool pocketing - The pocket toolpath and the female inlay pocket toolpath now support multiple clearance tools for more efficient area clearance.

  • Toolpath Group Improvements - Handling ‘toolpath groups’ has been made much more straightforward. You can now select, save and simulate toolpath groups. Or use them in a toolpath template.

  • Toolpath Tab Auto placement - By default tabs will be positioned to avoid corners and curved regions, minimizing the need for manual adjustment.

  • Toolpath Batch Saving - Now you can output multiple visible toolpaths to separate files in just one click! Along with the ability to output toolpaths together so that you can save your toolpaths in as few files as possible.

  • Stopped repeated retracts and plunges - In the profile toolpath we have stopped repeated retracts and plunges when cutting on open vectors to reduce machining times and make the whole process more efficient.

  • Optimise link-up moves between open contours - We have optimized the link up moves between open contours when the cutting direction doesn’t matter allowing for more efficient machining with reduced machining times.

  • Ctrl + Drag in tool database - For ease of use we have added the ability to copy tools in the tool database by simply selecting to the tool along with the CTRL key and dragging your new tool into position ready for editing

  • Add 2D Preview for Moulding toolpath roughing - We’ve made a minor enhancement to the way we preview the moulding toolpath in the 2D view, where we are now able to visualise the clearance toolpath as well as the finish.

  • Calculate All Visible - We have now added in a further right click option to calculate all visible toolpaths allowing you to update only the required toolpaths.

  • Saving Merged Toolpaths in a Toolpath Template (VCarve Pro Only) - We now have the ability to save a merged toolpath within a toolpath template ensuring that all template jobs that you create retain the parameters originally set out, enabling you to get the next job done efficiently.

  • Job Templates - Save your commonly use file settings, such as width, height and machining parameters as templates.

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This is the list from 10 to 10.5.
Among the changes v9.5 to v10, the two features that made me upgrade are Photo VCarving, and Multiple Clearance Tools (though not revolutionary, they come in handy)

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Support mailed me the old post-processor and asked me to try it.

Been there; done that

@Julien have to been able to replicate the missing feedrate issue?
Edit: looks like the inch pp is missing the [F] on the first plunge.

@johnelle I’m assuming you’re using the inch pp? Looks like they left out the feedrate for the first Z plunge. I’m on my phone, or I’d post a replacement.
Did the old one work?
I’m not sure the old versions differentiated plunges from feeds… I’ll look later.

No, but that’s because I don’t use VCarve’s default post processors anymore. Once your create a “MyPostP” custom directory to store your own custom PP (in this case, yours), the other ones don’t even show up in the selection list (or maybe I changed a setting somewhere so that it’s the case, can’t remember).
And the upgrade process preserves the user PP directory, so I never had to care about whatever changes they do in theirs.


Since you are already in touch with their support, if you think it helps you could tell them that v10.5 + using the “old” post processor works fine, so it’s definitely a bug in the updates they did to their Shapeoko (or GRBL) post-processors:

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Here’s some additional information about the feedrate problem for Shapeoko.

Thanks for the additional feedback. The missing feedrate is a mistake in the imperial units (inches) version of the grbl post from which the shapoko one derives. Sorry about that, we have fixed this for the next patch (due later today). In the meantime, I think you should be able to correct it yourself if you cannot afford to wait for the patch.


So for what it is worth i updated to the latest version 10.503 and re generated the tool path without any issues this time, made no changes or tinkered at all, simply loaded the file up regenerate all and no errors at all now.

Thought i would share.