Warning! E-Step Calibration Erased if you click 'Send Configuration'

Carbide Motion v4.0.416
Controller Board v2.4e
Shapeoko 3 XXL

Potential Misinterpretation:
I misinterpreted the “Send Configuration Data” button in Settings. I thought it meant that it would send the configuration data to the log in my browser, so that I could see what my E Steps were set at, etc. But alternatively it sends the default configuration data to the controller board, erasing any of your previous changes to it. Hence, anytime you click ‘Send Configuration Data’, you are losing your E Step calibration settings.

Solution: Never click “Send Configuration Data” in Settings. If you want to see the configuration data, ‘Open Log’ then go to Jog, then click Done. To update E-Steps, go to MDI and enter $102=40.3874 for example, hit enter, then go back to Jog and click Done to see that it updated.