Warranty question

For buyers of Carbide 3D products from resellers outside the USA, what warranty conditions apply to the products? e.g. if the purchaser pays a reseller directly, does the Carbide warranty apply? Is a reseller obliged to offer a Carbide warranty if the product fails? Thank You.

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I’d e-mail support to ask them, and also it might vary depending on which reseller you leverage?

If your question relates to purchasing within the EU then the most likely applicable law is the EU 2 year requirement for electrical goods. That responsibility lies with the EU reseller if you bought through one.

However, what Carbide specifically warranty within their own warranty terms may well have additional scope of coverage to the base requirement under EU law if not duration.

If you bought from C3D in the US and shipped to the UK then your transaction is under local US law…

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Hi Liam,

I wasn’t being specific deliberately, as I was just trying to see what other users warranty experiences were outside of the USA.

Since Brexit kicked in in January, the UK isn’t part of Europe either, so it’s only UK law that would apply if the purchase made from a UK-based reseller.

I was trying to determine who would be responsible for fulfilling the warranty obligations between buying directly from Carbide3D or a reseller.

I get that quite a lot, and I understand why you would suggested it, but the business relationship between manufacturer/supplier and retailer is unlikely to be “common knowledge”!


Fortunately for the proletariat, Boris and his donor chums are stuck with having transposed much of EU law into UK law so it’s not quite the regulatory bonfire they dreamed of yet.

Hmm, this is a topic for a long debate over an open fire and a cold beer, but my understanding is the laws were imposed on the UK - and every other member state - to ensure standards were the same across the board, but we all know each country may have had a slightly different interpretation of the legislation :rofl:

I only really know UK fire safety law (if anyone’s interested, it’s the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006 :sleeping: :sleeping:), but at least we kept the statute mile, pints and £s, although we do put jam in 454g jars (which is in fact, almost exactly 1lb).


We’ve lost a lot of co-operation with European territories and, despite having imported the EU consumer laws at the time of exit we’re now open to being thoroughly stuffed by future government gifts to their corporate owners.