Waste board holes and clamping solution?

I won’t have my machine for a few weeks and in the interum i’m ramping up my design process for cnc’ing. I’ve read several topics about noobie’s frustration with finding waste board and clamping plans. Maybe this is an appropriate solution. Youtube: Marius Hornberger: playlists: cnc projects. He has a couple videos with templates that may solve this. Will someone check this out and verify it’s plausibility please. I don’t have my machine yet so I can not. Similar topics that appear as I’m writing this do not look like a similar system (searched topic 1st). Maybe this is a good idea. Sorry but I don’t trust my linking skills. When I was in engineering 20 * yrs ago, my chief engineer call CAD an electronic Leroy machine. Thanks for helping an almost extinct Dos Dinosaur.

Based on the image search result, I’m guessing you mean the cam clamps shown in:

We’ve got a fair number of ideas / concepts / techniques listed at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Workholding including the cam clamps.— pretty much anything will work, for a suitable project — the problem is matching the workholding to the material and is cutting needs.

I have set my machine up with Marius design. It takes a little bit of fussing to get it set up. Does a great job holding in the horizontal plane. Need to be careful that the material is pushed all the way down in the vertical before clamping.

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