Wasteboard Plans with threads

I was an early purchaser of the XXL, but about the time I finished building it out, life came along and got in my way of using it (life happens). As a result, while I have remained subscribed to the forum updates, I haven’t been on here in months.

What brought me here this morning? Sniping. One of the things I really liked on here when I was active was how nice folks were. I’m not saying that no one ever chafed, but even then folks generally made nice on the heels of it.

My grandmother always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all. I think most of us have asked a question about a topic that had been previously covered. Sometimes it is an oversight or failed attempts at finding the information, sometimes past posts missed some nuance we needed.

If you must proffer the “search the forum” response, it would be a nice gesture to do so by posting a link to the previous material. Often it is as easy to answer the question as it is to fuss about the re-post.

Well, I’ll hush now. I look forward to becoming active with my machine and the forum in coming months. In the meantime I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and will have a happy holiday season.

There is a great group of talented folks here with much to share. I profoundly hope we can all (myself included) remember to play nice and reap the benefit of this pool of knowledge and helpful people.

Warm regards to all.