Wasteboard surfacing

I switched to the beaver HDZ and am EXTREMELY happy that I did. But after a huge part of the day traming I then surfaced. I was just wondering even if I tramed and leveled will I always still get some shingeling?

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Hey, I have a new word to learn. What’s a shingeling ?
One note while I am here though :if you trammed before surfacing, I would suggest you tram again or at least verify tramming. If the original wasteboard was tilted, your tram may have compensated for that tilt, that is now gone after surfacing…leaving you with a bad tram. And if so it could be a reason why you still see marks (“shingeling”?)

Shingling (A guess, but given t that this is a surfacing operation): the surface looks like a shingled/clapboarded house.

If this is the case, then it is minimized by insuring that the spindle is parallel to the z axis, that the z axis is square to the plane defined by the x and y axes, and rigid z axis and spindle.

Getting ready to do mine this week so I’m following this thread. I figure I’ll jog a surface in the x direction, jog 90% the width of the bit and then move back. I should be able to see the “shingle” or not if it’s good front/back. I can then repeat it in the y direction to test left and right. That’s my current plan anyway

“Shingleing” - where there is an actual step in the material, is the indication that the head isn’t trammed properly quite yet. You’ll always see a tiny bit, but you shouldn’t be able to feel it. Keep in mind that hte HDZ doesn’t have an easy adjustment in the Y direction, only X. That means you need to potentially add a shim under the adjustment plate to adjust Y. I had to add about .001" of material there.

Part of what you will see is that the swirls have an intersection that’s a perfect line along the axis - that’s normal, but there should be no step there. The same goes for cuts along the Y axis.


Perfect that’s exactly what I have going on it’s not a step but the lines are still there. Yup the Y-axis was not too bad I used some feeler gauges to adjust it it was off by .009.

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