Website Improvements / Refresh

I noticed early on the C3D website is not as intuitive as one would hope.
Curious if there are any plans to clean it up or a revamp.
IMO the product pages are a bit heavy on the marketing side as opposed to the specs and features.
The clean white aesthetic overall is nice and I do appreciate the minimalism there.

A lot of the details I am curious about as a consumer are really on the store page (Shapeoko) as opposed to the actual product page.

Also, there seems to be inconsistency on some things here and there;

Nomad has a spec page (
whereas Shapeoko does not?; (

Some thoughts I been meaning to share as an outsider looking in $0.02


OMG, you are opening a can of worms but I agree with you. Here is another example the “All Documentation” section (link found at the bottom of the page). When you click on it what you get are a bunch of FAQs not the proper documentation. The docs are there but there are no links to get the them. There are so many things regarding the web presence of Carbide 3D that should be looked at including the Store.

Haha exactly.
Constructive criticism.

I dig what Carbide got going on, especially as of late with all the new products and instances of strong customer support.

IMO, the website is one area that is hurting for some love. I know as a newcomer much earlier on I recall it difficult to wrap my head around the products beyond the marketing hype.

As someone who went through the buying process as recently as Nov 2019 knowing nothing about CNC/Subtractive or Additive Manufacturing 3 months ago.

X-Carve smokes C3D on marketing. Probably the only reason I bought the S3 was because of emails exchanged with @wmoy and a 45-60mins of phone time with Brandon Lee(?). The 5-day CNC course emails weren’t bad either.

But X-Carve was all over my facebook feed; popping up in banner ads; had youtube ads come up with actors dressed as midwesterners telling me they made money on their units within the first year; etc. etc. Hands down they spend more on customer acquisition.

Now, I have no idea what the competitive landscape / saturation looks like for both products, but my feeling is that on the website and a bit more attention to detail would go a long way. While I have no information to back this up X-Carve’s community seemed larger and more easily accessible where as now (because of this community) I think its the complete opposite. The access to C3D-team here is amazing, but if you woulda asked me before I purchased I woulda thought the complete opposite.


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