Weekend Challenge #4 FiDG8 WiDG8

Fidget Widgets (hand-held mechanisms to keep restless hands occupied) seem to be getting REALLY popular lately.
New Designer Pocket Tops and Spinners are increasing on Instagram and The Fidget Cube is on track to raise 6 million on kickstarter!?

On YouTube a few days ago I found a video of a design that consists of 2 Split Rings, 4 Bike chain links, and 2 rubber bands.

A simple design like that could benefit from some Quality Materials, So I designed a Brass and Hardwood version in Carbide Create.

.25" Brass

Stainless M3x6 x4
Stainless M3x4 x4
38MM (1.5") Split Rings.

1/16th square (#111)

The M3x6 hold the hardwood to the Brass, the M3x4 are decorative at this point.

The Carbide Create File is separated into Hardwood and Brass toolpaths.

FiDG8WiDG8.c2d (580.9 KB)

No Fixturing wax was used this time, just a thin skin kept the brass secured.
If the part did come free, the sidewall would have been damaged, but I measured exactly and flew very close to the sun on this one. Next time I will use the blue fixturing wax for peace of mind.

The Work holding on the Wenge was the same as the Brass.
Clamps with the Threaded table and a sacrificial sheet of ".125 acrylic below.

Final Assembly:

The Trick to the infinite rolling motion of the toy is achieved in the final step: by looping one ring through the other!
This design brilliantly simple!

Heres the Challenge:

Make a FiDG8 WiDG8 with a “cool material” and your “personal design touch” on it!

My Prediction:
Your going to want to make these for Friends and Family, they are addictive and really easy to make.

Jorge has volunteered to be a Judge on this Contest, so lets impress him.

Post your build in this thread.

2 Weeks should give every one that wants to participate time to get materials together.

Deadline is October 23rd, Monday the 24th Winners will be announced.

Heres a Video on the build and how the #FiDG8WiDG8 works:


Love this one, count me in! Any suggestions on where to get brass?

I get mine from eBay


Ebay is a great option.

I like going to IMS, the local metal supply and checking the OFF-Cuts section.

You will want “360” Brass

There is also online metals


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I forgot to include McMaster Carr


That’s a great idea.

You can also find scraps for sale on Etsy metals and exotic woods.

The deadline is this Sunday evening for this project.

I havent seen any WiDG8’s posted yet.

Should I add some time?

That would be great, I had to order some supplies.

That would be great! I’m kneck-deep in Halloween projects and business travel, but I’d like to try this one.

I made mine out of purple heart and a plastic cutting board from wal mart, its what I had. I prefer press fit over mechanical fasteners. There is no glue just the 2 press fit joints? you see in the pictures.
This was a fun project and I will use it as my new key chain. I hope others decide to do this project and future ones.
I enjoy my machine and would like tosee the community here grow into just that… a community and I think things like the weekend challenge can help. Ray


@fiero1 Thanks for posting Ray.
I like the press fit approach - and using what you’ve got. :raised_hands:

November 1st is the new deadline for the FiDG8 WiDG8 build contest.

The Prizes will not be Candy, but will be sweet.

These make great Gifts!

Heres the Carbide Create Design File again:

FiDG8WiDG8.c2d (580.9 KB)

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Thank you for this project, Apollo! I enjoyed trying something I wouldn’t normally do - cut brass. I used acrylic and HDPE as the other materials. After making one it became addicting :wink:


Look at those!
The Acrylics look excellent, where are they from?
These are stunning, thank you for sharing!
DM your address and I’ll send your prize package!
I’d love to hear more details about these.
Great photo!

Thank you, Apollo! I get most of my acrylic off of eBay or from http://www.delviesplastics.com. The HDPE (blue and white striped and wood widget) are materials from a company called 3-form and are made from recycled HDPE. The company has a wide range of products and interesting designs. Smaller sheets are sold at a discount in the reclaim area on their sight: http://www.3-form.com/.

I really appreciate you taking the time to put these projects together. I had never seen this until your posting.

Those are some great looking pieces, fantastic job andvery fun and colorful.
Did you do those with a nomad?
I’m really hoping that the weekend projects catch on with more and more people.
we need to help Apollo come up with ideas.

Hi Ray!

Thank you for the compliments. Yes, I made them on the Nomad. I had a good time with this project. Your version with the press fit was very clever. I thought of just using acrylic cement and leaving the screws and brass out completely, maybe on the next one…