Weekend Project: Beer Bottle Opener/Catcher

This is more or less a way to see if this method would be easier than traditional woodworking methods. I think you can get 7 or 8 of these milled out of a 10’ board. It takes about an hour with disconnects and switching bits. So I’m not sure, I think a paper template and a band saw would be much faster. If only I had one of those :-P. There are 2 bits used. 1) 1/2" router bit from home depot (Generic Flat 2 flute straight) 2) 3 flute 1/4" from Carbide3d.

The 1/2" bit I was using a 40% step over and step down, so it made quite a mess.

I’m thinking of V carving some sayings into the back plate before glue up. Haven’t decided yet. I think it turned out alright, but definitely more room for improvement. Some of the thicknesses don’t completely match up, so that makes me sad.


very nice. I’m actually planning on doing that as well, though my designs are still in my head and on some scrap paper. haha. Are you having machine disconnects? I just started having them gafter my XL upgrade :frowning: