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Inspired by the Dmgmori post about their Lasertec 125 3D Hybrid. I’ll bet we’ll see a type of additive + subtractive manufacturing trickle down to the desktop cnc scene soon enough! With a wire feeder and adapted 3d printer software… imagine the possibilities! Test done with a Shapeoko 3 and Miller Dynasty 200dx tig on 8mm Titanium plate.



Nice, I can’t see what project you can come up with that will use this new technology. Did you have to shield the controller against the EMI from the welder?

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It definitely could get interesting!

The torch is rubber encased and the controller is isolated from the extrusion but no issues at all. Might be different when trying AC but I have a feeling it’s good to go.


My EYES!!!
Now you need an indexing 4th axis to do your tube work. And an adjustable torch mount to set your angle.
Cool stuff as always Vince! Keep pushing that envelope.

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Very nice. I could absolutely see a cold wire feeder involved with this.

The CAM aspect for a wire feeder would be interesting. Not quite the same as for a FDM 3D printer, but not too different. You’d need control channels for the feeder, and for the welder (arc enable/disable), since that would need to be independent of the wire feed.

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