What are your favorite knob designs?

(Daren Lewis) #1

I need some thru knobs for a project I’ll post in the gallery shortly. What do folks like to do for knobs? Buy? Make your own?

I threw a couple together tonight using 12mm birch ply, short cuts of PVC pipe in counterbores, and threaded inserts. I need to clean these up, but they have the advantage of being really cheap and I can use materials I always have in stock for various thread sizes.

I need to clean these up, but here they are…


(Phil Gorsuch) #2

I have done some knobs myself. It was good practice but ultimately I think if you are doing one or two its not really worth it given the time + material costs. Unless I need something truly special I think I am going back to buying…

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(Daren Lewis) #3

Thanks Phil, I tend to agree. I have the materials cost down to about $0.90… but the time cost is much higher. “Truly special” is a great test. Perhaps the reasons are:

  • Truly special
  • Functionally unique and not otherwise available
  • Need it now
  • Just want to play/experiment/learn
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(Stephen Gullage) #4

I keep a set like this on hand https://www.amazon.com/POWERTEC-71127-T-Track-Hardware-4-20/dp/B07D4BQXKB/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1532718843&sr=8-11&keywords=1%2F4-20+jig+set


(mikep) #5

This one is my favorite, but it’s a bit of an investment of time and material… https://youtu.be/yP9WM21VXDI
Can be done without the dowels which can make it a lot simpler (and doable on a SO with some effort)

In general, knobs aren’t worth the effort, so many, so cheap - check Fastenal.

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