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Okay I’m still new to CNC but have been learning a lot and have completed a few small projects. Today I would like to try making one of the cutout state door hangers. Going to use 1/4 plywood and ]going to make the NC cutout. What bit would you suggest to use to cut it out with? First I was thinking a 201 but then thought it might be to big.

For a cutout in plywood (which has a tendency to tear out) I would probably use a 1/4" compression endmill, at 1/4" depth of cut (plus some margin, to make sure to cut through), to get nice clean edges both on the top and bottom surfaces.

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If I’m looking at the cutters from CC which one would be a compression bit?

There is one in this Amana pack they started selling.

But if you don’t already have one, you can of course still use a #201 or #102 (1/8", if the details on your cutout cannot be achieved with a 1/4" endmill), the only road bump if that you may get tearout. You can still get away with it if for example you add a finishing pass, ideally with a downcut endmill (but again, a 201 can work fine too)

Thank you for the help I’m going to give it a try will post a pic of how it worked thank you again

Note that if you are going to use a regular endmill like the 201, I would stay on the safe side to a depth per pass of 1/8". Plywood has a tendency to scream at “high” DOC, especially in profile cuts.

A #251 downcut cuts plywood quite well, and has the advantage of not requiring a toolpath/depth per pass setting which matches the differing depth of cuts on the compression endmill.

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