What brand bits are you using?

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What brand end mills are you all buying/using and why?

Whiteside, Yonico, Onsrud, Freud, Amana, others?

In the past, I was buying whatever fit the requirements and was cost effective. I’m not positive if that was smart or not. I have not had any real issues with my cutting tools, but wonder if I would have different results (good or bad) with different brands and price ranges.

I have bits from all the manufacturers listed above and can’t really say if any are better than the other, but to be honest, each was bought for a different cut or step in the milling process. so not really apples or apples

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I started with what people commonly call China Bits. Cheap bits. I have graduated to Cadence Mfg Bits, Mini Jenny is my favorite. I also have Whiteside and Nomad.

You get what you pay for. If the price is cheap, the bit probably is also. BUT I still have some my first cheap bits. They work. I used the cheap bits to learn on. A drawer full of broken bits attest to that.

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Make Chips not dust.

I’ve used mostly Bosch cutters because they are readily available at Lowes and affordable. For what I’m doing, they do pretty well. I’ve also been using some SPE Tools bits. Still cheap but have also been working pretty good. mainly up and down cuts but I just received some compression bits today that I ordered. I’m going to try them out tomorrow. I also used a 1/4" two blade straight cutter for 15 red oak plaques and it cut surprisingly good. Nice and clean top and bottom cut. It was also a Bosch. We use Amana cutters at work and I may try them once I get past the “Absolute Novice” stage.

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I am always cautious of two-flute straight blade bits. From the use in general wood working, they can grab the grain and tear your work right out of the clamps ( or fling chunks). When using the two flute straight blade bits, I mind my DOC closely. Maybe 30% of diameter of bit? Spirals I use a formula of about 45% DOC of the bit diameter. (DOC = depth of cut)

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I definitely use shallow depth of cut with the straight cutter. Usually around .080 for a 1/4 inch cutter. Even with the spiral cutters, I’m at .095 for a 1/4 inch cutter.

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This X-Mas I received bits from IDC Woodcraft ([https://www.idcwoodcraft.com/]) (https://www.idcwoodcraft.com/) I watch his videos and wanted to support him a bit. PUN Intended! :rofl:

I also got the only downcut V-Bit I know of here https://www.cadencemfgdesign.com/product-page/60-groovee-jenny

I just have to try it out.

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