What causes this noise on my Z axis

Been getting a crunching sound recently and noticed occasionally my V bit carves dont fully carve down. I have to assume it is related to this

my machine has gone through at least 3000 cuts so far so im pretty used to when it acts up and recently my advanced v carves have fat corners and this crunch has started.

Check the lubrication:


i looked into this before and i honestly could not find a source for the oil mentioned.

If you have an SO4/Pro get the Pro kit at:

For the oil alone see:

(once it comes back in stock)

I heard several noises. However on one of the down cycles it sounded like the leadscrew may be rubbing in the clearance hole a the bottom. Take a look to see if it is in the center or rubbing on one side. The motor noises sound pretty normal but in recording it is different than in an open shop with other background noise.

The leadscrew free floats in that black piece at the bottom of the Z. That is more or less aligned by the anti-backlash at the top of the lead screw. Some people have had that come loose and cause problems or it can just wear out.

This one is a shapeoko 3 xxl

In that case you’ll want the SO5 Pro/HDM Maintenance Kit which is just the oil.

i set it to notify me when its in stock. thanks.

I ended up buying enough for 10 lifetimes on eBay. I have 2 16 ounce (I think) bottles.

If you live near South East GA I would be happy to give you one.

I can ship it somewhere but would be next week before I can do it.

im up in atlantic canada lol

Hmm. Wait till July, I’ll be in VT the whole month and for a week of that we will be camping in Brighton which is about 20 miles south of the border.

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