What Do I Need To Adjust?

Last night I ran a 3D carve using a model I had designed. As you can see by the pictures, there’s something going on, probably on the Z axis. This was a 3D Finish pass with Vcarve v10 after a roughing pass.

Any thoughts on what I’m looking for, or where I might start?

Looks like an issue w/ tram/squaring.

Work from large–small:

  • level the table the machine is on
  • level the endplates to the table
  • level the extrusions and ensure that they are parallel to each other and plumb
  • level the gantry and ensure it is square to the extrusions and plumb
  • ensure that the carriage is level and square to the gantry and plumb
  • check that the spindle mount and spindle are level and plumb
  • tram the spoilboard — as an exception, do this last

There’s a bit more on this we can send you from the support e-mail, but that’s pretty much it. It can be a maddening tail-chasing thing, but if each successive iteration involves smaller adjustments you’ll get there.

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