What does the Red Mean?

I was creating a descending sloped circular drain for a cutting board as an exercise. I used a greyscale map that I generated in Photoshop and layed it on top of a flat base.

What does the Red mean on the diagram?

Not having much more information, it might be parts where the object is higher than the set stock height in the stock setup area.
Might not be that, as I can’t reproduce.


That is exactly what it is. To reproduce:

  • set stock thickness to a value
  • draw geometry
  • go to the modeling tab and extrude to a distance greater than the stock thickness.
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Yes…that did it. HOWEVER…I did experience a little glitch:

  • the extrusion is 1"…the stock was set to 3/4"…red box.
  • I changed the stock to 1.0000" and reran the simulation in the Model, and it REMAINED red.
  • I changed the stock to 1.0001" and reran the model simulation and the model looked good.
  • I changed the stock back to 1.0000" and re-reran the simulation and the model looked good. Not sure why the first time it was set to 1.0000, it didn’t get rid of the red (when coming from the exception condition) but it did when changing to 1.0000 from a non-exception condition.

Anyway…question answered


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