What has caused this issue? V carving not correct

Hello All. Started to carve the pattern I uploaded yesterday here:

When it came to the V carve segment, the spindle slowed down and went to the centre of my workpiece. I could not find the issue and one of the messages from CM was change spindle which I have never seen before. I clicked resume but it carried on towards the centre of the workpiece and at the slow speed illustrated in the short video link. I am running the spindle at 18,000 rpm.

I have no idea what the cause may be so I created a text file and its behaviour was identical except for the change spindle instruction. I have attached both CC Pro files and both .nc files. Any assistance would be welcome. The 30° Amana bit in the toolpath has been used successfully previously.

Jane Podiatry complete.c2d (4.0 MB)
Jane Podiatry complete.nc (294.2

Jane Podiatry text only.c2d (4.0 MB)
Jane Podiatry text only.nc (419 Bytes)

You don’t have any geometry associated with the V carving toolpath:

If you edit the toolpath and add the text to the selection:

You will get the desired result — but I got an error calculating the simulation, so will see if the developers can look into things.

EDIT: Running the simulation again worked:

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I must have a setting wrong somewhere. Using the advanced toolpath for V carve I was able to achieve a 20 minute predicted time for my single line font. However, I was unable to carve it. every time I tried, the cutter remained firmly above the material almost touching but it would not descent for my stepdown. The time on loading the .nc file was predicted to be four minutes.

I thought it was maybe the setting of my height in the setup but that was not it… I air cut about the material thickness when I changed it. The base for the 3D effect was another possibility so I removed it but still no go. I am obviously missing something here.

I am attaching a picture of the 2mm ball end cutter I used and a picture of the result. The edge appears to have been caught in a manner I cannot quite understand. Have you any thoughts on this pecked edge?

Try another pass with a smaller ball-nosed endmill at a different angle.

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Yes, I will do that once I have the font issue solved. Thanks. I have not yet sorted what is happening with the font cutting. Here are the files that hold the cutter just at the height of the material. One with the 3D base and one without.

Jane 1.c2d (4.0 MB)
Jane 2.c2d (4.0 MB)