What is Chatter (how can i identify it)?

Evening All,

Having a little issue with machine and will do my best to describe what is happening, i have been cutting wood and every now and then the routed bit is juddering as if it is not able to cut quick enough, i am using my #201 endmill form C3D so it could be that it is just getting blunt, but i wonder if someone could explain what chatter is as i think this is what i may be experiencing based on some reading / investigation i have done.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jon,

Care to share your feeds and speeds when it’s occuring?

What type of wood are you cutting? And what type of wood have you used the cutter on prior to this happening?

Have you confirmed all your belts and v wheels are tight?

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Thanks for reply, I ran the same Job on stock etc only thing I changed was the bit and it is working like a champ so must be my bit is now dull or dulling. I have done loads of cuts on it since I had the SO3.



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