What is exact length of the Z-Axis Travel on a SO3 XL?

Can someone tell me how much travel there should be on the z-axis plate?

Assuming the z-axis plate has been homed to zero, how far down should the z-axis travel…measured from the top of the plate (if that makes sense).

My z-axis seems to be having a problem with the springs applying too much tension and forcing the z axis to not hold its position so i want to tighten everything up but want to know the true “bottom” of the plate so i be precise.


I believe it’s 80.00mm (3.150)

Tool length and the Position of the Router in the clamp will be factors to consider as well.

I am talking about the plate with no tool or router


From the bottom of the plate, at the upper most position, to the bottom of the z-axis extrusion is: 80mm


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Thanks a lot Edward. Your help is much appreciated.

Try removing one spring and see if Z-axis travel improves.

that may make it run un even on one side unless you can fine a central point to mount it.
2 longer springs may help if you can find some.