What is the Controller's power connector called?

Hey all, I just got my Pro boxes last week, and have been assembling things the past couple evenings. I had already built a table, with some pvc channels to route cables down to a pc underneath.

However, the power cable is just slightly too short. I can splice in some other wire if I need to, but would like to do things a little more cleanly, and just run a new line with a proper plug.

So what’s the name/type of the connector used at the controller end (the round PS2ish thing with 4 pins)?



Thanks, I also just found this older topic on the same thing:

Yup, there aren’t too many questions that haven’t made their rounds.
Curious, couldn’t you just extend the input side of the PSU?

There’s plenty of line on the other end, unfortunately there’s a giant switch in the middle of it, which barely fits into the conduit I’m using, and when I tried, often turned itself off once inside, with no way to turn it back on. . .

I can cut and splice, but I’d rather find a non-destructive way if I can.

I was hoping to splice up a short extension using a female and male plug. Unfortunately, the connectors appear to only come in male versions, with the only female versions being panel mount or board mount.

So. . . back to the drawing board I guess.