What Machining Path For This?

Trying to machine this fillet from a block of 6061.


In Fusion360, what machining path would you recommend? I’m using a 1/4" ball end mill. Been doodling around in 360 for a few hours and none of the paths seem to get me to my goal.

Best bet is to mill out a few test parts first and try. Really depends on what you are looking for and clearances.

Try a morphed spiral with the touch surface set on your fillet faces, do an outside to in under passes tab. Leave 0.020/0.020 stock left (sometimes less) on the rough. Run your ball at 5 thou step with a decent chipload, lube with wd40-style fluid for best finish.

Billet stacks finish straight off machine


See Vince is already typing away replying but I tend to do a spiral toolpath on these. Have to play with tool boundary settings to get all the way to the bottom

Note you won’t get to the bottom of the part without digging into stock/wasteboard beneath so plan on that as well

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You can morph spiral a square endmill as well with great results and sharp edges. Mess with contact point and I usually touch to zero.

Curious what you ended up with…

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