What version of Create and Motion do I need?

I just received my xxl yesterday and was wondering exactly which versions of the software do I need to install. I see a 3.16 build and then a 403 build. Also are there different versions of motion as well. Just want to make sure I am running the right ones.


A new XXL should have shipped with Grbl 1.1 which requires Carbide Motion 4:


The current stable build of Carbide Create is 316 — there are some huge improvements in the 400 series though, see:


and if you’re at all comfortable with the idea of testing software we’d love for you to try it. The unstable CC403 at: https://carbide3d.com/carbidecreate/unstable/ has been working well for me.

Okay sounds good. I will install motion 4 and give the 403 a try. Thanks

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