What's better than ONE CM controller? Two of course

Omg @DanoInTx you are hilarious! That post cracked me up lol.

LOL @DanoInTx!

In Dan logic terms, I was not about to fiddle with plugging/unplugging cables, or with flashing/reflashing controller firmware when switching between CNC controllers, so that created a need and a perfect opportunity to design a dual-controller switcher box! Nameplates were a fringe benefit/bonus!

Truth be told, I took on this project because of @Jorge as he threw down the gauntlet and said “I must share”… needless to say I did not think it was going to be a 6 month process… It’s all about the journey and I acquired a lot of usable proficiencies. No complaints here other than “what took so long”?

Thanks everyone for the kudos…