What's going on here? #2

I wonder if this is a bug in CM?

Recently I’ve run two projects (one with and one without the BitSetter) requiring repeated runs of the same programs in CM.

What’s been happening, randomly and without me being able to prove it, is that CM will sometimes require a click of the Start button after the Resume button has been clicked when the BitSetter has finished it’s thing (with the BitSetter enabled), or after being prompted to set the spindle speed (with the BitSetter disabled) - which is why it can’t be the BitSetter.

This isn’t a big thing, but it’s the randomness that makes it strange.

Any ideas?

Thank you

The next time this happens please send the .c2d file, generated G-Code, step-by-step notes on how you secured the stock and set zero relative to it and managed the tool changes (including enabling/disabling any accessories) and we’ll do our best to assist.

I will note that when I enable/disable any accessory I quit out of Carbide Motion, relaunch it, re-initialize the machine, and continue from a known/consistent state — I don’t think the case of accessory just disabled (or enabled) gets much testing.

The .c2d and .nc files for the slot are in the other thread (What’s going on here? #1) and I can provide the files for the flattening project if it would help?

I’m not sure how securing the stock is relevant to how CM works, but the flattening process was secured into a vertical and horizontal guide with Carbide 3D steel clamps, and the channel cutting as shown in the photo below:

The BitSetter was disabled for the flattening process but enabled for the channel cutting.

The axes zeros were set with the BitZero for the flattening process but visually (paper) for the channel cutting.

Both processes were run a few days apart, but the BitSetter re-enabled for the channel cutting, and I made sure to zero for this latest project as the flattening was completely different - and I always check the zero settings for each project unless, like in this case, I’m repeating the same project on the same piece of stock without a break, other than to adjust for Z.

I have had the same happen when starting a job, it appears to be a timing issue. If I click the resume buttons too quickly after the “load tool” and “set spindle speed” popups too quickly, I have to hit the start button. Waiting a second or two before pressing the resume button in the second popup consistently solves the issue for me. I think Carbide Motion is trying to teach me to take things a little slower. I don’t have a BitSetter (yet - I ordered one yesterday) so my workflow might be a little different then yours.

Well, that certainly makes sense, but I’m surprised the modal state (i.e. you can’t/shouldn’t be able to click anywhere else) in the program when the pop-up is ‘active’, has such a delay.

I have noticed before (and thought it my error) that some pop-up screens seem to be by-passable, but couldn’t really pin it down enough to ask the question :thinking:

Just to update this a bit and hopefully ‘bump’ it a bit…

I’ve just had a scenario where I had click ‘Start’, after the BitSetter workflow completed and the spindle is spinning at front and centre, after being prompted to ‘Set spindle speed to…’ and again after being prompted to ‘Resume’.

This has only happened twice, but may be related to this thread.


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