When resizing Stock, keep items positioned relative to chosen zero

If your design has the X-Y zero as center of stock (or actually any location other than bottom left), then resizing the stock causes all design elements to move relative to zero.

Design elements should stay in the same place with respect to the project zero.

Right now it looks like everything is placed according to how far it is from the left & bottom edges of the stock.

Objects “Scale” around their geographic center when you enter a value.
If you drag one of the handles to scale, the origin is the opposite handle (corner or edge).

To be a robust system, it should allow you to choose a point to use as the origin.

It’s not always desirable to scale relative to the machine zero point either. I may want to scale relative to another piece of geometry. As it is now, I scale then move.

I’m not talking about scaling an object. This is about the size of the Stock, as set in Job Setup.

Ah, sorry. I read it wrong. Yes, that would be nice if the design stayed put when changing the stock size.

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