When trying to set my touch probe I get "Probe cycle failed"

It works fine on the Z axis but not on the X or Y Axis.
I have watched several Tutorials and cannot see what I am doing wrong.
I did upgrade Carbide Motion.
My Touch probe is V1
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Have you specified a v1 in Settings | Options?

Could you make a video showing what happens?

There is a circle on v1. You should be within 12mm (3/8inch) to start x y and z probe. If you are further away you will likely get a probe failure. Your clip must be attached to spindle securely or you also get probe failure. Test BitZero by touching clip to BitZero on v1 and led should turn from green to red.

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I will video when it works on the Z Axis and not on X and Y axis

I did test that the clip is attached properly although if it works on the Z axis but not on the X & Y axis it must be a software issue.
I did bring the tip of my cutter right over the circle and about 1 mm from the surface of the probe

The older versions of CM asked you each time if you have a v1 or v2. The newest version asks you the first time and them assumes your answer from there on. Make sure the V1 is selected. Dont know what happens if you select v2 if you have a v1.

I tried but the maximum size is 4 MB which is too small for any video.
Even pics are being refused

Send it in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

Thank you, I will send it to support

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