When using rapid position, the machine wants to run too far

I haven’t used my machine in some time. Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the latest updates. Suddenly, when I go to jog the machine with the rapid position buttons, to NE, NW, SE or SW, the machine want to run off the axis. It seems like the machine wants to travel further than what it allowed. When the machine fires up, it runs its homing cycle with no issues. Whats causing the rapid position buttons to do this?

Did you set CM to the correct machine configuration? If you have an SO3 make sure it’s not set to XXL.

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Mine was doing this earlier today also for no apparent reason after running a program and homing the machine. I closed the program and turned the machine off/on and it appears to be working correctly for the time being.

It’s an XXL that I purchased last fall. It worked fine up until about a month ago when I last used it. Now, I did the update, and it seems to forget what size it was. I homed it and went through the set- up process and its still doing it.

is your PCB white in color by chance?
and did you update the firmware on the board?

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My apologies for not being current with acronyms, what is the PCB? I dont recall updating any firmware on the board. How do I go about doing that?

PCB = printed circuit board for the electronics

there is a case if you updated the firmware on that and yours was of the generation where they were white, that you had to change a few jumpers on the board, but since you didn’t update the firmware (and you’d know it if you did) then this does not apply

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The white ones with the switches are “really” old. There was a white version after those too.

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