When will Carbide3d integrate silent steppers?

I love the new Warthog electronics boards. It does leave me wondering… If my 3d printers can use the TMC2208 drivers for silent motion of steppers, why can’t Carbide3d? I do enjoy the song of motion, but the sound of near silence on motion and rapids would be nice to look forward to.

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There would be a tradeoff, the biggest being in the reduction of torque output. Besides, can you hear your stepper motors over the sound of your spindle cutting material?

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I hope they release the silent dust collection soon.


Interesting thought Steven. Once the dust collection and spindle are on, I agree that the stepper noise would be a minimal addition, but still and increase in total noise.

The big benefit would be in setups and homing where other noise generators are typically turned off.

Yes, a small decrease in incremental torque. It seems that this could easily be taken into account / analyzed given the claims that an SO5 can overpower a spindle with the existing steppers.

Just a thought for the product roadmap and a differentiator for the product.

I would much rather have an extensible board with an API and additional IO.

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