When will the next batch of Pro’s be ready for release/selling

Seeing everybody else gloating that they were able to order their Pros last Friday sucks? I signed up for the notification when they were back win stock and I got a big fat goose egg in my email box on notification of availability.

Does anyone know when the next batch of machines will be available?

Many thank you in advance

Cheers :beers:



More stock should be added this week.


In the blog it mentions

“ This latest batch of Pro machines has a new design for the Hybrid Table that doesn’t use the filler strips anymore”

Interested to see a picture of this in the wild


Look on the SO4 blog post. The pictures there show how the revised extrusions look. :slight_smile:


Here is a quick pic. When we developed the hybrid table we found it useful to be able to screw through TeezNutz, but it also meant a build up of dust under the machine and we (I) kept dropping things under it. Thus filler stripes were born. However these turned out to be a bit of a pain too. Thus we went full circle, akram’s razor - simplicity is best and extended the flanges.

I love the hybrid table setup. I ran a job for a mate over the weekend and it was so easy just to slot in a couple of clamps and hold it down. It’s also a really rock solid machine bed.


Was this Hybrid Table included with the latest shipments?

I believe we moved over to this iteration with the latest batch of pros


Nice solution. You also got to drop the extra drill and tap operation for the filler strips!