Where did the Vee Bits go?

Hello everyone, first post ever. I just installed the latest version of Carbide Create. I am using a 1/4", 90 degree vee bit but it’s not an option within the select tool menu.

Am I missing something, or do I need to add it?

Is there a chart where I can reference Feed Rate, Cut Depth, and RPM?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @BrentG,

Welcome !

The latest Carbide Create versions use a “material-based” approach to selecting tools and feeds and feeds. Its tool selection window contains a number of combination of material+tool, with associated recommended feeds and speeds.

The Vee bits are there, but…not in all material categories (yet)

For example, their are available under “MDF” / “Vee”:

If you want to use V-bits in a material that is not listed there, tell us what material it is and the guys here on the forum can probably make a good recommendation for your particular case.

If you are new to the feeds and speeds thing, I suggest you try and stick to the values recommended by CC initially, as they have been tested for you and are a safe starting point.

And then the question of a “chart” for feeds and speeds has a surprisingly complex answer, because there are many parameters involved and there is an infinity of combinations.

@WillAdams maintains a neat chart for various machine/material combinations that you can check:

And if you have insomnia, you could read about my approach to determining feeds and speed here (but if this looks scary, you can safely ignore it too)


Note that that sheet is only the Carbide 3D feeds and speeds from the two charts (now PDFs) at:

There’s a second which has an input option which I suppose I should dig out.


Nice! Thank you so much.