Where is the Shapeoko Pro content?

The Pro has been out for a few months and there are hardly any videos of it in action besides the standard unboxing, setup, and basic cut jobs. I have been very interested in seeing it rip some aluminum at high speeds ever since I saw the snow flake teaser clip but there is not a single video out that even pushes the pro past what a stock SO3 can run in wood let alone aluminum.

I have been out of commission for months due to health issues so it could be me just going stir crazy because I can’t use my machine at the moment but I can’t wait to see some Pro content and I do like Carbide is still adding free features to CC like bit map tracing.

Just hoping to at least watch others in action.

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From what I see everybody who bought the pro model is a woodchuck (wood cutter).


THE guy who MILLS metal.


We just received our Pro…but UPS only delivered one box. Once Carbide gets us up and running I promise to provide lots of metal content. The limitation will most likely be the router power and I would love to test with a 1.5kw er16.


I am excited to see what you guys do with it. I was also wondering when we would see more stuff on the pro. I used to love watching @wmoy but he hasn’t posted on his personal channel in 5 months. I’m sure the reason is all the new stuff we have been seeing from Carbide 3D but I still miss it.


I was cutting aluminum the other day, I will make a video next time. The new V2 Sweepy works very well at evacuating aluminum chips. It did leave the entire suction area with clouded plastic from the abrasive chips though. I was singing along with a 3D adaptive tool path at .05 depth at .08 load with a 1/4 single flute. The stock Z held up very well, It was glorious. I can not wait for the Pro HDZ!


I haven’t done aluminum on mine yet, but man, it makes some great HDPE chips