Where to use the supplied locktite when assembling?

I just assembled my Shapeoko 3 last night. It works great! Only thing is, I only found the supplied locktite AFTER getting everything assembled. I assume I should have used this so that vibrations from the router don’t loosen the screws over time. Should I take out each screw and apply the locktite? Are there only CERTAIN ones I should worry about?

Thanks! Looking forward to learning from this community!

I’ve never used locktite on any of my machines — don’t like the stuff.

The best suggestion I’ve seen on it is to use it on any fasteners which work loose — check before each run per the machine operating checklist:


And on the other side of the spectrum from Mr. Adams…

I used it on EVERY nut/screw/bolt, because I love the stuff. It’s the blue stuff, so parts are easily removed with a little bit of effort, and NEVER loosen unless I want them to. Then again I’m a Harley rider and as such, EVERY nut, bolt on my bike NEEDS to have it applied (because it will loosen after several thousand vibrations…which translates into a few months).

But kidding aside, I think it’s great stuff, and since I machine metal 99% of the time, I knew my machine would be subject to a lot of abnormal vibrations.


I didn’t use it at all , only saw the tube after I assembled the machine :rage:

What I have experienced several times is the very small set screws in the belt drive wheels coming loose and falling in-between the plates and extrusions, jamming up the x & y axis’s . It took me awhile to figure out what was going on with the machine. I have since gone around and snugged up several screws, bolts, etc. If I would do it a gain I would put lock tight on every thing.:slight_smile:

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I agree with Rich here, not only will it help prevent things from coming loose, it will also provide protection from any sort of corroding of the screw and any threaded nut/hole/etc.

You don’t have to use it, but from someone who has worked with older Jeeps forever it is SUPER nice to remove a bolt that has had locktite applied vs. having to break a rusted one and re-bore a new threaded hole…

If you didn’t use it, it is not the end of the world. Just be sure to check your machine as the others have mentioned.

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