Wheres that screwdriver!

Cleaned out my work area today…I then realized I had way to many screwdrivers in my tool box. Its not perfect, its not pretty, but she gets the job done!


The KISS principle at work.

Very Nice. That gives me an idea for one of my first projects.

Very cool!

I need to get back to organizing my tools. Got a good start w/ my cigar box tool kit:

but need to update that for the SO3…

Adam Savage is that you?! If not you should check out his methods of organization on YouTube. He builds these amazing rolling carts that are built to the brim with easy access and orginization. You’re screw driver system reminds me of the base of his.

Haha thats funny. I have seen the video before and thought the same thing when I posted pics. hehe. Trying to figure out what to do for a next project but keep coming up clueless… what is everyone else working on at the moment?

Working on some gun grips. Just finished cutting the prototype out of renshape to make sure everything lined up correctly.
Really excited that it did, and the fact that my zero aligned so perfectly after flipping the jig. Feeling more and more comfortable with meshcam, and though I came across a little glitch in G-wizard it deff gives confidence before I click run. I’m feeling brave so I’m thinking I might try some brass next.


well done! what type of material is that? Cant tell from the image.

Some of the renshape c3d offers. The final will be some sort of nice wood.

i love it – and most shops need one!!!

well done indeed!

very nice.

very, very nice.

very, very, very nice.

you could also use your geometry to cut positive patterns, then make negative silicone molds… then cast the new grips in a dense rubber.

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