Which Machine should I pick for Desk Proto Gcode

Hi, I am used to using desk proto but I don’t know what machine I should pick from the list to approximate the nomad gcode. Any suggestions?

any reason to use this software over meshcam? additional functionality?

i just have it and i know how to use it…

Not sure if you’re still looking for the answer to this but…

A good first guess would be to use the Mach3 or LinuxCNC post processor. Both use a very similar flavor of gcode as the Nomad, and are all based on the NIST RS274/NGC standard.


id checked back for an answer to this just last night thanks so this is very helpful

I know this is an older thread, but I’d like to second Edward’s suggestion—I’ve been running posts from Fusion360 out with the Mach3 post-processor (make sure you set radius option off, you want it putting in arc moves) and that’s been working nicely, for anyone who’s looking to post from other CAM packages…