White Oak Bluetooth Speaker


My latest project! Honestly surprised myself at how well this one turned out! I have 3 friends already who want me to make them one, CNC never ceases to amaze me!

Believe it or not the entire case was made with the Shapeoko 3 :slight_smile:

Project: Dodecahedron 360 Degree Speaker
(Kevin Carrico) #2

wow! that looks incredible!!

great job!!!

(Hank O'Donnell) #3

Dude! This is awesome! Care to share any part #'s? Haha. Great job man!


Thanks man! it’s mainly just cheap chinese electronics but something cool I discovered is that if you need cheap 18650 cells just buy second hand laptop batteries and charge them at super low current with a bench power supply! Restores them perfectly!

(Rob Grzesek) #5

Great work Nick.



Thanks! means a lot!


(Haris) #7

Amazing, spectacular, awesome!! I don’t know how else to describe it.


(He says confidently, as Roger Daltrey’s “After the Fire” plays in the background over his awesome looking but curiously warm to the touch bluetooth speakers.)

Congratulations! Nice work.

Not so sure about saving money by taking chances with lithium batteries though.


hahaha thanks, they seem fine, I charged them when I got them at a super low current to restore them a bit and they hold their charge very well now so should be fine!


Good deal Nick, once you’ve had a big battery cook off on you, you never feel quite as comfortable about LiPos. Great when they work, scary when they don’t :sweat:

Stay safe and keep up the great creativity. I’m still waiting on my XXL to ship, so all I can do is be jealous!

(Mark Bellon) #11

We use LiPo batteries for large electric helicopters. We use special fireproof bags to hold the batteries while charging. There are many videos of the near volcanic eruption that occurs when the let go.



As with mark I have worked with large UAVs uses in aerial photography and video work. Some of these octocopters can draw 100+ amps when lifting a big camera such as a RED… The batteries are rated for it in fact some of the ones we used were rated for up to 200amps constant draw! Very scary stuff and they don’t last long at that power. When these batteries give up they do it in style :slight_smile:


Oh and I am super jealous of that XXL you’re getting!


Yeah, I went a little crazy and ordered the XXL and a Precision Matthews PM-25 mill (to be CNC’d) all in the same week. Now I am wondering where I will put them and how I am going to get all that stuff built out in the same shop at the same time. Still, I can’t cry too much. Been wanting to do this for years, and finally my lathe will have friends to play with. Thankfully, I have a very forgiving XYL (spouse).

OTOH, I might be willing to work out a swap for your giant UAV’s - nice. And yeah, by now I’m sure you’ve had your share of LiPo adventures.

(Jeff Talbot) #15


Thank you for the inspiration. It took me a while, but I got mine done pretty much the way I wanted it to.

I ended up cutting 3 pieces on my Shapeoko, the front, a ring and the back. The ring was used as a template on my router table, and I finished by cutting the 45 degree angles for all the pieces on the router table as well.

Contrary to yours, I used a 12v 100W 10A mini power supply coupled with an automotive relay to provide as much power as could be drawn by the system. I do not even know if this was necessary, but I added it to my electrical learning curve. Probably a 1000% overkill, but that is me :stuck_out_tongue:

The orange pieces were printed on my home made 3D printer. Truly I could have used something else to hold the power supply in place, but I wanted to have a safe place to hold the board in place, so, I spent a few minutes to design the orange pieces and let them print.

I used discounted oak stair steps, the ones the big buck store could not sell because they were damaged on the edges. Perfect for what I wanted to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I used gorilla foam glue to add strength to the tiny screws I was forced to use due to the 45 degree cut in the wood around the speakers, that did not left me with much to screw in. It looks ugly, but its rock solid.

Not as much lighting as I wanted to, I could not find the same speakers as you used. LEDs behind opaque speakers are pretty useless. Too bad.

The journey was quite long, I had to learn everything by myself along the way. I was quite a bit of fun.

Again thank you for the idea.



This looks awesome! I love what you’ve done with the design!

(Carl Hilinski) #17

It looks like those cute creatures from the latest Star Wars movie.

(Jeff Talbot) #18

I could not tell, I haven’t seen the movie yet :smiley: