Whiteside surfacing bit info

Hey all.

I have a waste board flattening file but unfortunately my bit information for my surfacing bit isn’t in CC anymore? I’m not sure if I deleted it or what.

I’m using the Whiteside #6210 flattening bit.

Nonetheless, I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the appropriate information for putting this into CC?

I can’t seem to find appropriate S&F, etc for implementing into the program. All I know is it’s now time to flatten my waste board as it’s a train wreck.

I’m using a SO3XXL and Makita router.

Thank youuuuuuu

These should work

  • RPM in the 16k–20k range

  • Feedrate in the 80–100 ipm range

  • Depth per pass in the 0.01–0.05’’ range


I’ve used very similar speeds and feeds as what Julien suggested with success. I’ve gone a bit deeper/pass in softer woods with no problem whatsoever. It cut like butter.

With these being non-center cutting bits, plunges should be slow 8-10 ipm if you can’t ramp into the cut.

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