Who do you follow on YouTube?

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front for those not familiar): Who do you follow for good / cool / unique CNC Router or metalworking / woodworking projects and ideas on Youtube?

I feel lucky to be old enough to remember a time without internet, but what an amazing time we live in. I can learn so much or get so many ideas just by watching YT videos. Besides some of our more prolific Youtubers like @wmoy (Winston Moy), who else are you watching to learn more about CNC or other fabrication stuff in general?

I like watching Roger Webb, Jimmy DiResta, John Saunders of NYC CNC among others. Who else are you watching?


For getting started learning Fusion 360, I think Lars Christensen is the best. He has a way of explaining some of the hard stuff to make it easy to understand. I was wary of doing 3D stuff, but in one of his videos he said to start out by just taking the defaults and see how it mills. After you see how the defaults work, then start tinkering with the settings. That suggestion removed a lot of the trepidation about the journey into 3D.


I agree. I watched a lot of his stuff as well, but neglected to include him.

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You like all the same ones I do, and I second the Amazing internet!
So much knowledge, and so little time to learn it all.
I still feel like it’s all temporary, and could disappear in a wink.
I’m trying to learn all I can before it does, LOL
Art Fenerty


same winston/roger/jimmy.
but also watch jay bates,stones and sons,woodbrew,jerry gray,whiteboyinc,cncnuzs,core77inc,Nick Ferry,3d printing nerd,maker muse,3d central