Why do some use Easel not Carbide Create

I have seen some posts where they use Easel. Easel does not use a Vcarve bit. I don’t understand. Can anyone explain?

Just depends on what people are doing or familiar with I think. Not everyone needs vcarve operations.

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I mostly use Inkscape and makercam.com for my gcode.
I used f-engrave for some v-carving, just to try it out. It has a steep learning curve, but after a couple of runs, it is easy.
I bought V-Carve by Vectric, but I am only using it for the diamond drag engraving feature for now. When I get time, I will learn to use it for designing and v-carving.
I have SolidWorks, but I am only designing things for 3D printing right now, but if I design something for my SO3, I will probably buy MeshCam.

A lot of people use AutoCAD Fusion 360 because it is free for hobbyists. Some people use Onshape for their 3D design. It just comes down to what each person finds they are comfortable with.