Why does the "Spindle Change Required" message pop up?

Spindle Tool Stop

I got things set up and started the job on Carbine Motion. I get this error message near the beginning tho. Why is that? It’s just one end mill I’m using for this job.

Do you have a BitRunner? If you do on tab 2 of config check automatic spindle control. If you do not have BitRunner then the message is reminding you to turn off spindle before changing bit or router traveling to BitSetter.

Be sure you picked Shapeoko as post processor in cc.


Shapeoko is chosen as post processor. Also, I do not have a BitRunner. Another thing is I have only 1 end mill needed for this process.

Despite all this, the machine didn’t seem to do anything else after the message popped up.

As Guy mentioned, its likely you need to check this setting in Carbide Motion:

It may look different depending on which version of Carbide Motion you are running. You will need to make sure it is not checked (ie: you don’t have automatic spindle control).

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