Why does this happen?

This is related to the Fireball Whiskey topic - I performed an Advanced v-carve to pocket out around the logo. Job is done in hardwood - white oak. I used the hardwood defaults (stepover, feed/speed) for the (201?) 1/4" bit… I can grab the exact numbers if needed.

The whole process worked very well, except for a couple of areas where the pocketing left fuzzy wood bits.

I should note this only happened in one area of the whole job.

  • I’m not sure what it’s called
  • is there an explanation? Did I do something wrong ? - software bug?

Thanks for any insight.

Pictures attached:

Post a shot of the cutter paths in those areas.
I suspect it’s an anomoly in the pocket algorithm. It could be a transition area where it’s the last pass in a region, where the cutter lifts & moves to another spot. Sometimes the overlap doesn’t quite catch all the material. What was your stepover set to? Perhaps reducing it by just a little bit would catch those areas.

Usually re-running the path with a different stepover will address this sort of thing.

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I did have a second pass - so it got cleaned up - just curious as to the reason. Thanks.

You can also clean these off pretty quickly with a flat sided knife / chisel if you don’t want to re-run a job. I abuse my marking knife to flat trim the hairies off.

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