Why get proximity switches?

What are the benefits? Do they have shielded wires?

You should already have homing switches, but they are likely mechanical switch-based. Those have a rubber cap on them for dust shielding, but can eventually fail over time, especially if jammed too hard. The benefit of the inductive switches should be listed in an article somewhere here, but given they are non-contact they won’t wear out, and maybe more repeatable over time. I haven’t opened up the cabling to see if they are electrically shielded, but they would have to be terminated on both ends to have any benefit.

No contact, so not subject to breakage — it’s also cool that they light up — I don’t believe the wiring is shielded.

Cool. Just trying to decide if the upgrade is worth it. Now that the pro is out…I’m sad. I want rails!!! Slowly maybe over time I’ll fix that. For now $50 for better switches may be a good plan.

My hdz broke the Z Limit switch. When the proximity switches came I upgraded. Guess I just wanted to be one of the cool kids.

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Mine did too!!! Ha. I was able to reattach it just fine, but…new parts!

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