Why Is My XXL Doing This

Design looks right, tool paths look right, but when I look at the simulation the spokes at approximately 2, 4, and 10 o’clock don’t go all the way out near the rim like the rest.

How do I fix this?

When I go back and create a tool path just for the spokes I get the same effect.

I thought about rotating the piece and recutting the spokes but the odds of getting it lined up perfectly are pretty small.

When cutting the piece it ends up looking like the

I’d like to fix these three spokes if possible without having to toss the entire piece.

getting it lined up is simpler than you think… if you enable snap-to-grid, and drag by the “point”, that point will snap to the existing arms point perfectly…

(also rather than rotating, why not do a left-right flip? the thing seems symmetric… and if you’re worried about how to deal with now having a normal one and a flipped one… you can always take a boolean union of the two to sort of get an “average”)

I tried rotating the design 90 and 180 degrees, and redoing the tool paths. Still end up with the same 3 spokes short.

short as in “after the rotation” ?

if so…make a copy (ctrl-c / ctrl-v style), make sure the ‘12’ point aligns with snap to grid, then either rotate or mirror (I’d mirror but maybe I’m weird)…

and then boolean union the pre-rotate and post-rotate design into 1. (e.g. pre copy and post-copy)

Please post the file or send it in to support@carbide3d.com

.c2D and code files below.

If it matters, I get the same result when I run the simulation on my MacBook or my Windows PC.

Ashoka Chakra Female.nc (371.8 KB)
Ashoka Chakra.c2d (184.6 KB)


I tried your trick of copy/paste/mirror/boolean union and that seems to have done the trick.

But I’d still like to know why the software is doing this in the first place.

Thanks for the help

Your design has extraneous nodes near the ends and so forth:

Cleaning those and others up allows the V carving algorithm to reach all the way to the end:


Ashoka Chakra_cleaned up.c2d (180.9 KB)

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I greatly appreciate the help Will - so much for trusting a file I found online. Now I know to go in to Edit mode and look for these extraneous nodes.

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