Why is there no 'Drill' heading in the Tool Library, etc?

A few questions about Carbide Create.

Why no ‘Drill’ heading in the Tool Library, even when I create a ‘New Library’ ?

As it is now, I store my drill bits under the “End Mill” category…am I missing something?

I’m new to Carbide Create, but so far I really like it. I use it with my TAIG CNC Mill to cut Aluminum and Brass.
Thanks for any help with my questions.

The drill feature uses endmills.

Carbide 3D doesn’t sell any drill bits, and most drill bits aren’t suited to use at the speeds which trim routers spin at — please don’t use any tooling which is not rated for the RPMs which your unit is capable of spinning at.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve purposely waited for any more suggestions before answering.

I don’t understand your comment; “The drill feature uses endmills” as it pertains to my question…would you please explain that further?
After checking the CC website earlier, I was aware they don’t sell drill bits but didn’t think that had anything to do with their software library not allowing an addition or edit for drill bits, since there are parts of the software program which pertains to drill setups such as Speeds & Feeds.
Thanks for any clairification…Tom

The simple answer is that we potentially have a number of changes that we need to make to the tool library (adding drills is one of them) and we’d like to take some time to think that through a little better so we make intelligent decisions.

The drilling toolpath code really doesn’t depend on cutter geometry for any calculations so, for the time being, you can define a drill as an endmill or an engraver. Only the tool number, speeds and feeds matter.


Thanks for the very reasonable reply and I totally understand everything you mentioned.
Again…I really like this program alot !

Take care and have a nice evening. Tom

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