Why is this happening?

This is going to be my second time doing it the first one I made I had a problem with the text. Im using the same file. Before this didn’t happen with the circle pocketing that I’m doing. I don’t understand why is this happening now?

Never mind, I found out what was the problem the endmill kept going up the router

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If you have a Makita/C3D router they recommend you use the button to lock the spindle and tighten enough to keep the bit from falling out. Then use two wrenches to tighten up the Makita/C3D router. Many people only use the lock button and a single wrench. That can lead to the collet nut loosening due to vibration and the bit changing height during a cut.

I have a Dewalt 611 and I had one collet for 1/4" that kept having the bit get loose. I replaced it and that fixed the problem.

Lastly be sure to clean your collet nut, collet and the inside of your router shaft. Dust and debris can collect inside those objects and cause your bit to run out of round, causing vibration, and the bit coming loose. I use brake cleaner to clean the collet and nut and use a qtip to clean up inside my router shaft. It is amazing how much gunk gets inside those 3 objects.