Wiki references

As a new SO4XXL owner, I read LOTS of answered questions on this forum, with an overwhelming large number of references to the currently-unavailable WIKI site.

Having access to the WIKI site would help new users out TREMENDOUSLY.

Any idea when the WIKI site will be online again? From what I understand, the person that was running that site moved, and the new place is bandwidth-limited?

The wiki will not be coming back in the same state that it was.

If desired, it can be accessed as it was using the Wayback Machine:

Some pages have been reappearing at:

But really, it was mostly about the SO1/2, and never quite caught up w/ the SO3, and then it suffered from my (ab)using it as my personal notebook, so wasn’t as helpful as one might think.

Ideally everything anyone would need to know about using a machine would be at:


or here on the forum — if there’s something you need to know, feel free to ask.

Thanks Will.

Most of my Wiki dead ends are in the “process how to” realm, and are not machine specific.

The “way back” link should help out tremendously.